Windshield Wipers

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When the winter weather turns frightful, heated windshield wiper blades can make the difference between safe and unsafe driving. Prevent ice and snow buildup for better driving in winter weather with the industry leader in heated windshield wipers, Everblades ® . Everblades ® Heated Windshield Wipers feature a heated squeegee and also a heated frame for improved performance!

When a bicyclist and a National Roadster collided on a Buffalo, New York, street late one rainy night in 1917, it was an impact felt around the world. Although the cyclist was not seriously injured, the accident was enough to profoundly shake the driver of the car, Buffalo theatre owner J.R. Oishei. Vowing that such an accident should never happen again, Oishei was determined to improve the ability of drivers to see during bad weather.

We're going to talk about windshield wiper blades. Now that may seem like a pretty mundane topic, but think about how important your vision is: We protect our eyes. If we need contacts or glasses, we taken care of them too. And, well, wiper blades are critical to our vision when we drive.

The silicone rubber is also twice as durable as traditional rubber, allowing them to perform better over a longer period of time. Plus, the Aero Vogue and Super Silicone blades are refillable with our wiper refills .